Can my child have sessions from an independent therapist and an NHS therapist?

Of course. If you decide to seek private input, this won’t affect your child’s NHS offer. If you do have input from both, it is beneficial to tell each therapist so that we can liaise with each other. This ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal to benefit your child.

Where will you see my child?

Sessions can take place where your child feels most comfortable. This could be at your home or in their school or nursery.

How often will they be seen?

This all depends on your child’s needs. The frequency of sessions will always be discussed with you first, usually during the assessment session or shortly after. Some therapy requires weekly or fortnightly input whilst others require less frequent review sessions. The therapist will always promote practice in all environments to ensure the best outcomes for your child. You will therefore be given advice to carry out at home. Sessions can be stopped at any time if you wish. We also would not provide therapy sessions if these are not clinically indicated.

How long will they be seen for?

Again, this depends on the needs of your child. Some children make very fast progress, whereas others need more support to reach their goals. It is often difficult to predict the length of therapy, but the therapist will continuously evaluate the therapy outcomes to ensure it is being effective.